A palatable blend for correcting mineral balance and managing mycotoxins in feed.

What is Farmalogic Grazaid?

Grazaid is a palatable blend of salt, magnesium, live yeast probiotics and yeast derivatives with broad-spectrum toxin binders, as a nutritional digestive aid and to supplement mineral levels where dietary intakes may be inadequate.

Mineral imbalance in pasture can cause dietary problems for horses, especially during spring and autumn when lush pastures can be high in potassium and nitrates.

Mycotoxins in the hard feed are often undetectable to the human eye and nose but may be present at low levels in grains and grain-based feeds, causing under-performance in horses.

Available in 2.8 kg or 12 kg packs.

This product contains magnesium. Do not feed with concentrated magnesium supplements except on nutritionist’s advice. Can be fed in conjunction with multi-vitamin and mineral supplements such as Equine Vit&Min. Can be fed with mineral-fortified bagged feeds.

This product contains Mycofix Plus 5.E.

Does not contain substances prohibited by the rules of racing or FEI competitions. Witholding period – Nil.

Always ensure horses have access to fresh, clean water and a source of free choice loose plain salt rather than a lick block. Do not feed grains or forages that appear or smell mouldy.

Where can I buy Farmalogic Grazaid?

Ask for Farmalogic Grazaid wherever good stock feeds and supplements are sold!

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