Providing horse owners with premium quality nutritional supplements to optimise equine health and performance.

Equine Vit&Min Range

The Equine Vit&Min Range

Vitamin and mineral blends available in powders or pellets to suit horses, ponies and donkeys of all ages, workloads and sizes.

Rejuvenate pack

Farmalogic Rejuvenate

Aids in gastric comfort of equines, especially during periods of stress.

Farmalogic ReLEAF

For the gastric comfort of equines.

Farmalogic Omega Balancer

An effective solution for feeding horses on diets high in Omega-6 fatty acids.

Farmalogic Grazaid

A palatable blend for correcting mineral balance and managing mycotoxins in feed.

Farmalogic Fat Pony
(sold as Farmalogic Laminitis Fighter in NZ)

A supportive nutritional supplement for overweight and laminitis prone horses.

Farmalogic Melox

A scientifically balanced blend of antioxidants to support horses undergoing oxidative stress.

Farmalogic ReFLEX

A blend of scientifically proven ingredients to assist the joint health of racing, performance and aged horses.

Farmalogic Replenish Equine Electrolyte Gel with BCAA

Scientifically formulated to replace the electrolytes lost in sweat and give a boost of leucine to ‘switch on’ normal muscle repair mechanisms following exercise.

 Farmalogic B-Good Paste

B-Good Paste contains B-group vitamins with live yeast probiotics to support gut microbial populations during and after stress periods. 

Farmalogic Mega-B Boosta Paste

Horses in training need vitamin B for efficient utilisation of dietary energy.  Stimulates appetite. Assists with recovery.