Fancy Feathers Pack

An Omega-3 and antioxidant supplement for backyard and exhibition poultry, caged birds and racing pigeons. Feed daily during showing, laying, breeding, illness, moulting and in hot conditions.

Fancy Feathers for Poultry

Farmalogic Fancy Feathers is a blend of antioxidants and highly stable omega-3 supplements rich in ALA, EPA and DHA from algal, fish and plant sources for a natural show-shine from the inside-out. Marine-sourced DHA has been linked to promising results in animal growth, fertility, immunity and bone strength in poultry. Scientific research has proven that the antioxidants and prebiotics in Farmalogic Fancy Feathers can:

  • improve fertility
  • Increase hatch rates
  • improve antioxidant status
  • boost the immune system
  • increase resistance to heat and environmental stress.

Available in 300g or 4.8kg.

Directions for use: 

Add 20 – 50 g of Farmalogic Fancy Feathers per 1 kg of feed, mix thoroughly.

Scoop included in pack holds 30g

Best results are obtained when used as part of a diet with correct mineral balance. Can be fed in conjunction with multi-vitamin and mineral supplements and pre-mixed feeds. Always provide fresh, clean water. 


Stabilized linseed meal, algal meal, powdered fish oil, natural-sourced vitamin E, vitamin C, organic selenium, yeast derivatives, freeze-dried melon fruit (a rich source of natural antioxidants), flavour.

Contains 4.58mg/kg selenium as selenomethionine

Where can I buy Fancy Feathers?

Ask for Farmalogic Fancy Feathers wherever good stock feeds are sold!

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